Monday, June 20, 2011

If They Grow It, I Will Eat It

Purple food, that is.
I have had purple carrots, purple peppers,
purple cauliflower, purple potatoes 
and now,
Purple Asparagus! 
I didn't go looking for it.
It was just there waiting for me to find it. 

There is a line from a song I am reminded of;
Sometimes finding you is just like trying to
smell the color nine.
(Chris Rice)
Well, I am here to tell you purple does 
NOT have a flavor. 

All of the aforementioned items taste no different
from their more ordinarily hued counterparts. 
But I will say this, do NOT mash purple potatoes. 
They turn gray and it's just bad. 

Here's what I did with the asparagus
I wrapped the spears with a slice of cheese and then a slice of ham
and had Mike grill them. These are really 
supposed to be wrapped with prosciutto but the sodium
 count on that was off the charts so I went with  
canadian style deli ham slices. 
I served them with a great salad and some
Naan bread warmed on the grill. 
Perfect little hot weather dinner! 

Oh, and I do peal my asparagus.
I don't know if it's been proven but I don't have 
"woody" asparagus when I do. 
So there.

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