Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shanna's Birthday

A day late.
But sometimes good things take time. 
Like 9 months.
So, alright, this post won't be as good as my
 9 month projects have been, 
but, you know....

Shanna is a stereotypical 
I am not. 
It has been great fun to watch.
Shanna excels at everything she puts her mind to. 
One time in high school I told her to get a "D" in 
something just to see what it felt like and to show
herself that the world would not fall off it's axis.
She couldn't do it. 

I publish the following photo to prove a few points:
Shanna does not excel at EVERYTHING.
Shanna has lightened up a bit in her old age.
Shanna has learned to embrace
"less than perfect" and find the joy in 
"creatively unique"
(a term her mother lives by).
The earth did not fall off it's axis.

(However, she WILL be noting and flinching at every
grammatical and punctuational error in this post)

I love my Shanna.
That is all.


  1. BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!! How did you KNOW I was screaming "NO APOSTROPHE!!!" *right* before I read your line about my flinching at the grammatical errors? Love you mama!!! :)