Monday, June 27, 2011

Not Everything Turns Out

On occasion I will be talking to someone 
about my cooking and voice a concern about something
turning out right. 
Invariably I will get the response,
"everything you cook turns out great."
To which I respond, 
"I don't take pictures of the stuff that doesn't."
Until now.
Public Service Announcement:
Don't put French's fried onions in the oven to 
"crisp up" and leave the room. 

But the reason I do this is a good thing. 
It's for the top of the iconic green bean casserole 
we all know and love. 
I cook the casserole but then transfer it into a serving dish
and sprinkle the toasted onions on top so it can be passed at the table. 
It's a good idea. 
Just not executed to perfection. 
This time. 

1 comment:

  1. FYI: Technically those are referred to as "blackened" French’s fried onions ;) I've got a great recipe for blackened Chocolate Crostatas if ya want it (room temperature to oven doesn't work like refrigerated to oven).