Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nicole-Taylor's Pasta & Market

Don't you love it when you stumble upon 
something and then actually take the time to investigate?
We found this little gem while visiting Shanna.
We almost walked by, we weren't looking for pasta :o)
How glad am I that we took the time.
We got to visit with the pasta artist, Rosa.
She was so friendly and fun to talk to. 
Making pasta was her hobby and she has managed to make 
it a business. How much happier would the world be 
if we could all spend our time doing what we love
instead of earning money?
Well, and still earn money...

This shop was so unique. 
Those cases where you would typically see rows
of pastries or cuts of meat, 
here they are filled with different fresh pastas.
It was so hard to decide on just a few. 
Shanna and Shawn get the chipotle pasta, 
Mike and I got one "nest" of 
Chive-Parmesan and one of Roasted Red Pepper pastas. 
We took a little side stop to a Fresh Market and grabbed 
some fresh salsa for the Chipotle pasta, some fresh 
olive oil and parm for the other pastas and then 
bread and wine for each of us. 
Rosa had suggested very simple dressing of the 
pasta so as to let the flavors shine through. 
She was spot on. 
We managed to keep ours cool enough for the ride home. 
I had a cooked chicken breast in the fridge and 
after three minutes of boiling, we had dinner!
Shanna said their dinner was the easiest gourmet
tasting dinner she has ever made. 

I am sad that I can't become a regular customer
but something tells me Rosa may be seeing Shanna 
a bit more than I do......

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