Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I love that these are the souveniers I received post spring break!
Two different people. 
There is a sugar sampler of raspberry, espresso 
and sweet onion sugars.
A variety of salts; pinot noir, black truffle and olive.
A tube of vanilla beans and two colorful rices.
In amongst that fun is
PURPLE rice.
It photographs kind of black but trust me, 
it is purple!
It tastes like wild rice. 

That's a salmon stir fry on top.
It's really easy. I just throw in whatever vegetables I have around. 
I like to toss in some "angel hair" shredded cabbage at the end.

I'm excited to come up with ways to use all these goodies.
I'm pretty sure the salts will be "finishing" salts so as
to get the most from their specific flavors. 
The sugars will be a bit more of a challenge.

And I am happy to report the closest Shanna came to becoming 
a drug mule was "smuggling" a tube of vanilla beans
home from Mexico. 

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