Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sherried Sardine Toast

I feel compelled to share.
This was my darlings lunch today.
I love him very much. 
That is the only reason I would EVER touch 
these things. 
And, I might add, this was the second
time I have prepared this plate of,
um, words fail me.

This was actually featured on one of Alton's shows.
(I'm on a first name basis with him)
He went into all the reasons why it matters what kind of sardine
to use. I know, right?, there is more than one kind?
Well, there is and the kind you should get is "brisling."
But I don't remember why.
Just trust me for it.

I cut the recipe in half because I only serve one.
I also used a baguette so that each little fishy had it's
own little nest of avocado. 
They do look kind of good in a strange way. 

There you have it. 
Do with it what you will.
My work here is done.

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