Monday, April 25, 2011

Chipotle Brisket with Sweet Potatoes

I love making things I haven't made before. 
It's funny, when I go to a favorite restaurant  I 
will frequently order the same thing.
But when it comes to cooking I really enjoy experimenting. 
So here you have today's adventure:
This came from my friends at Relish.
Try to ignore the ads, I am not a fan but I guess
everybody needs to pay their bills.

This was really good. I have a couple of comments.

The only time I have prepared a brisket was one that was corned.
As in Corned Beef.
I was tempted to grab a chuck roast, they were quite a bit cheaper,
but hey, you have to spread your wings.
I'm glad I did. The brisket was really 
tender but not all shreddy and fally aparty (technical terms)
like a chuck roast would be. 
It also had great flavor but different from chuck. 
My other point of interest was the 
Chipotles in Adobo sauce.
The instructions call for you to "seed" the chilis.
Good luck. 
I gave up and just tossed the whole mess in. 
Well, it was a bit on the *hot* side and 
I did need a glass of milk at my side. 
But, the smoky flavor they imparted was amazing.

Bottom line, I will make this again, but somebody.
Give me a clue about "seeding" chipotles in adobo sauce!


  1. Next time I'm using them (chipotles in adobo) I'll give it a shot (seeding them), but I think your best bet would be to buy the dried chipotle, seed those and then make your own adobo to rehydrate the peppers.


  2. Good idea Mark, but I'm not sure that's any *less* work! lol
    You have any good recipes for brisket? I was really happy with that cut un-corned :o) And, on a different note, you have had trouble commenting in the past. Some days I have to hit "post comment" like 3 times, like today. Have we had this conversation before?

  3. Yeah, most adobo recipes are non trivial. Last I goofed with brisket was smoking it. Mostly fiddled with various rubs, don’t really remember where I left that (no I’m not getting old, I just forget a lot of stuff ON PURPOSE). Yesterday I couldn’t post from windows/fire fox (tried like 7 or 8 time before I gave up) and it took 3 tries with windows/opera, so now I’m back to linux/fire fox should post 1st time (if not I’ll have to delete this sentence.