Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pink And Black Party Recap

How much fun did I have?

 A little bit of ribbon and double stick tape goes a long way.
 Black beans in the vases looked really cool against the pink flowers.
However, I left the clean up to Lory and I'm not sure what 
kind of mess those beans soaking in water all night 
created. Oops. 
Seems I got pics of everything except those cool water bottles.
Good thing I posted those already.

I got my inspiration for the table from Glorious Treats.
That's also where I got the how-to for the water bottles.
If you want to have some fun and get some great ideas, stop by her blog.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm - when using black beans in a vase of water (which, BTW, looked awesome), empty the vase before going to bed - ESPECIALLY if the neck of the vase if narrow. I fear the only flowers those 3 small vases will hold are bean flowers...