Monday, April 25, 2011

How Did YOU Celebrate Easter?

You get two guesses what WE did!

Yep, Chinese, yes we did.

But it makes perfect sense. 
Here's my story (cause there's always a story):

We decided to be good parents and not make Michael and Michelle
eat two Easter dinners this year.
We thought we would give Mike's parents a call and
just do a very low key thing.
Turns out Mikes parent's had in mind 
visiting Omi at the nursing home.
That's a great idea! We'll go with!
 About a week before Easter Michael asks what our plans are.
I am all proud at what a wonderful in-law I am becoming,
and tell him, we set you free for the day!
Go forth and enjoy Michelle's family!
Except Michelle's family is doing a breakfast sort of thing
and Michael and Michelle are watching kids at their 
church and so can't make it.

Ummm, you wanna visit Omi?
Turns out, yes! Yes, they would!
Michelle has not met Omi yet so this would be nice. 
And now maybe there needs to be some food involved
but we are all going to be at the nursing home. 
Who will cook?
 I don't like going out to eat on Easter anymore.
I have developed a guilty conscience when I make
other people work on Easter.
(But, believe me, I don't judge, please, go out for
 Easter dinner. It's good for the economy)

So, what country has the least amount of Christians in it?
Short of a Jewish deli, I'm thinking my safest bet is Chinese!

So that's what we did. 
We ordered in Chinese.

And now as I peruse all my cooking sites and blogs
and all the wonderful ideas they are giving out for 
what to do with all those leftovers....
I am enjoying the aroma of my egg rolls reheating in the oven.

Happy Easter!
He has risen indeed!

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