Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Guts No Glory

I spent Saturday held captive by Easter baskets.
And in an effort to make the most of my time waiting for
 moms to come by and pick up their baskets,
 I did a little experimenting in the kitchen.

Michael and Michelle were coming for dinner. 
I was making bratwurst stew and I thought 
Pioneer Woman's Cheese Muffins
would be a good accompaniment.
 But how fun would it be to add beer instead of milk?
I even had a few to choose from.
I consulted with my chef in my pocket 
(like how I have taken possession of Chef Brian?) 
and my FB friend and overachieving home cook, Maggie.
If you want to be impressed, go "like" her page. 
We all decided cutting back on the baking powder a bit and 
leaving some of the milk in for the fat would be a good start.
Yeah, well, it was a start.
Maybe they could have used all the baking powder?
I would pursue this but honestly, the beer didn't impart that much
flavor. The cheese is the Diva in this recipe and there ain't
no getting around a Diva. 
There's the original recipe for you.

But here's the glory:
My egg, avocado, wasabi salad in endive leaves.
Duh, Winning!
Sorry, had to. 
These little beauties will be making it to the baby shower next month.
And the good news is, the expectant mother can eat these!
Unlike the apple, brie, smoked salmon tea sandwiches.
....who knew????

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