Thursday, December 23, 2010

Red Kettles and Party Hats

You may recognize this image:
But maybe not this one so much:
But they are firmly linked in my world.

There is a story and it turns out that my brother Mark may
be the only person who knows all the facts.
I thought it was a bet my Grandpa Osborne had with Mark in 
regards to smoking, Mom says it was an agreement
they had in regards to what age Mark should wait to get married.
Mark was about 12 when Grandpa died so either
scenario seems premature given the era, but for whatever
the deal, all Mom and I are in agreement about is that if 
Mark should come out on the short end of the agreement, 
Grandpa's payment was to be given to the Salvation Army.

I'm not clear on the "why" for Grandpa's affection
for the Salvation Army, I just know it existed. 
 I was rather fond of my Grandpa who is permanently 
etched in my mind sitting in his chair smoking his pipe.
 Grandpa's lap was always open for a snuggle. 
Grandpa liked him some whole wheat bread.
Grandpa slept during the day because he worked nights.
Grandpa worked as a lineman and a pressman.
Grandpa liked those red kettles. 

I'm thankful for an opportunity to pay a little homage
to Grandpa Osborne each time I tuck a dollar into one of those kettles.

Appears Grandpa liked him a festive party.
Hey! With festive head gear!
Appears I'm A LOT like my Grandpa!

Oh, and BTW, that IS Big Mary in the middle.
But we already knew, she likes a good time :o)


  1. As I ‘recall’ … Grandpa bet me that I would be married before I turned 21 (at the time the thought of marring a girl was simply repulsive ;). The bet was for $1 (big bucks at what ever age I was, hence the long term memory ?), to be paid to the salvation army if he was no longer with us. At some point I told mom the story to which she responded by giving me a dollar (I was 22 when I took the plunge) and donating one to the salvation army then and every Christmas since.
    I think my actual ‘memory’ of this is probably based on Grandma O telling me the story over the years.


  2. Thanks! Mom was hoping you'd chime in and clear that up.
    Merry Christmas :o)