Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Tree Tale

I find it intriguing that the most mundane things in my life turn into stories.
This one kinda cracks me up.

Michael has been in charge of procuring our Christmas trees
ever since we moved into this house.
It's been a pretty sweet deal for the past 8 years.
He voiced an opinion our first year here that he would like a tree 
that went all the way up to the peak in 
the Family room ceiling. 
I saw my opportunity and pounced!
I told him we could have as big a tree as HE was willing to buy.
Cue choir of angels, AHHHHHH ;o)

It was a sweet deal until he decided to get married this past year. 
At some point in November I looked at Mike and said, 
"I don't suppose Michael is gonna buy our 
Christmas tree this year, do you?"
Cut the angels, ARRRGHHHH:o(
(I have an entire Broadway musical going on in my head)

I determined that I would like one of those skinny trees.
Actually I could do without one altogether but my 
family gathers here during the holidays and I thought I 
might get some flack if there wasn't some sort of tall
green thing with lights on it somewhere.

I checked out Joann's and found a 7 foot skinny tree
on sale for 40% off the $150 price.
Hmm, more than I wanted to part with after the money pit that
was the flooring. 
But wait! I have a coupon for what I "think" is $25 off.
Hmmmn, head math says "halfish" off of $150, plus $25
off, I may be able to wrangle this thing for 50 bucks.
I could totally spend 50 bucks on that!

So, off to Joann's I go, load up one of those puppies
in my cart and go to check out.
I pull out my coupon and oops, it's for $15 off.
Hmm, 40% off of 150 is NOT 75 like I was guesstimating.
All said and done it comes to $87,
 not quite the $50 I wanted to spend.
I tell the checker that I really only wanted to pay $50 for the tree so  
I'm going to put it back to which he replies,
 "Well, that would be like 60% off!"
(kind of indignant), 
to which I reply, 
"Well, I didn't say it was reasonable."

I wasn't too worked up about the whole thing
and was keeping my eyes open for something to materialize 
when Joann's circular for Black Friday crosses my door.
HAH! There's THE TREE for....
......wait for it.......
35 DOLLARS!!!!!!

So here is the ridicule thus far:

 "You paid 35 dollars for that? Good thing cause
it's not worth 36."

"Would you put these packages under that green thing 
in the family room."

And it's not even the day before the day before Christmas.
This is gonna be gooood. 

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