Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fun Girlfriend Gift!

Here's a cool idea!
My friend, Aggie, had a great appetizer recipe
on her blog, 
This idea evolved, as I showered 
(at least it wasn't 4 in the morning, when I usually get my best ideas).
I printed up her recipe and bought the shelf stable components,
dried figs, roasted pecans and balsamic.
I picked up some festive oven mitts and put all the 
items in them and tied the recipe on the loop. 
The girls were coming for lunch so I tied the mitts
onto the backs of their chairs.
How fun is that!?
They just need to grab some cheese to keep in the fridge and then 
when they need a last minute app, they're set!
I figure at the holidays who couldn't use a little somthin' up 
their sleeves?

So, here you have it. 
The basic concept is fun but you can totally adapt it.
If you have a favorite appetizer that has mostly
shelf stable ingredients then use that.
Merry Christmas!!!

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