Monday, December 6, 2010

Crafty Christmas Capers

I have 3 crafty girlfriends.
I mean that in the best way.
We get together at odd times and craft together.
Sometimes we work on individual projects
and some times one of us will come with a project for 
the four of us to do together.
That might be my favorite thing we do.
We each have very different styles and it's so much fun
to see that one set of instructions can lead to four
very different results.

We have had a tradition of having a 
Christmas Lunch at one of our homes. 
It's here this year. 
They have to see the powder room wall!!!!!
And write on it.
I may put a step stool in there.
The top of the wall is being neglected.
But I digress.

We exchange gifts. 
They usually relate in some way to our creative sides.
Sometimes a unique book about some art form we may need to try.
Sometimes something we have created.
I seem to be going in the food direction the past few years.

This year did not disappoint.
I did the oven mitts and here is what they did!

Carol put together bags with fun things that
 included some really wild glitter
and made these really cool charms.
Cheryl made felted mittens for each of us.
Val burned and painted wooden plates.

In lieu of crafting together I had us cook together.
Everybody built their own lasagna to "float".
It was a great afternoon!

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  1. why yes it was! Just delightful and delicious!!!