Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread MAN

There's a funny story here.
We had dinner here the other night with our 
Generations Bible Study group.
Sharon brought this bad boy :o)

How cute is he? 
She traditionally makes a gingerbread house each year. 
She happened upon the form for this at
Bed, Bath and Beyond and thought her grandkids might enjoy
making their own Giant Gingerbread Man. 
I think it's a great idea and the creative possibilities
are endless.

She used the recipe included with the form.
Heads up, the basic cake/cookie recipe is good.
It makes a very dense cake that is just short of a cookie.
The spices were off.
 If you try this, increase the spice amounts.

So here's the funny, 
somehow I thought I was being so witty in saying that it's too 
bad they didn't include a recipe for a Gingerbread Girl.
Sharon, absolutely straight faced, explained that they only include
the recipe for the boy but if you want to make 
it a girl you need to buy one of those box mixes. 

I thought I was gonna lose it. 

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