Friday, December 17, 2010

Cookie Day 2010

And a bright idea that's not mine!
Here we are with the fruits of our labors.
But it didn't seem like labor this year.
We figured out we have been at this for over 10 years.
Neither one of is is too sure how much longer.
But after all these years we seem to getting in the groove. 
Here's a little something that helped:
America's Test Kitchen had cookie presses in their
equipment review the day before cookie day.
I took that as a sign.
Lory thought it could have been a threat to our sanity.
Or perhaps, a testament to my sanity.
Or lack thereof. 
But NO! 
America's Test Kitchen prevails once again!

We made nine kinds of cookies, even though I clearly
stated nine was too many. 

We only went through two bottles of wine before
the guys joined us.
Well, I guess "we" is relative because every time
I looked I saw something like this:
Maybe not both at once. But Lory was not too concerned
with what color glass she drank from.

We even made peppermint crusted marshmallows
on a stick. That was more of a craft project than cooking. 
And I didn't take a picture.
Just make up a glaze of powdered sugar and water,
stick a lollipop stick into a marshmallow, 
dip it in the glaze and then dip it in busted up 
peppermint candies.
you use them to stir your hot chocolate!
Cute, huh?

But here's the good idea: 
Lory told me about a group of women who get together to 
make Christmas cookies.
How they work it is that each lady brings a 
cookie dough all ready to bake. 
They all bake together and then divvy up the spoils. 
I think that's a great idea.

If Lory and I ever decide to let others in on our fun. 

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  1. And, of course, they would have to pay an admittance fee - in the form of wine...