Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Husband is VERY Married

If wedding bands are any indication.
There's a story there.

Mike and I were separated once.
For two years.
We like to say we got in a fight. 

In all the emotional drama I traded in our original 
wedding bands for a ring I *would* wear.
I was young and dumb.
But maybe not.
God can work all our screw ups for good.

When we reconciled Mike didn't have a wedding band.
My bad.
And he was not inclined to change that situation.
It really upset me and one day I just sat him down, 
looked him in the eye,
and made it clear what all that little ring meant to me.
I promised to never bring it up again.

And I didn't.

And one day he came home from work with a ring on his finger.
He chose to get a ring. 
He chooses to put one on every day.
He chooses me each time.

Each of those rings has a story. 
The second one in from the left is the one he came home with
that afternoon twenty-some years ago.
It came from Service Merchandise.
The second one in from the right came from Grunwald's.
That one on the left is far more precious.

As is my Husband. 
I am a blessed woman.

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