Friday, December 10, 2010

Making Up For A Deprived Childhood

They never made these with my name on them.
 A few years back someone got the bright idea
that just the word "Merry" conveyed the spirit of 
the season and they could save a couple of bucks on lettering(?)

Yea, I'm cashing in. 
I hate to tell you but a few of those "Merry's" live here
year round.
My Mom is responsible for many of these items.
I think she feels bad she robbed me of personalized
bike plates as a child.

I met another "Merry" once.
She wasn't.
I felt like demanding the name back.

There is a legend attached to my name.
The tale goes that while inutero I was referred to as
Happy Storm.
Hence my name,
Merry Gail.

My mom also told me in recent years that part of the reason
for the unusual spelling was to help differentiate 
 me from my Aunt, Mary.
Hence the name,
Little Merry.

All indications are that my mother was always a 
fairly intelligent woman. 
I was number four.
Perhaps she was tired.

Oh, and PS, mom,


  1. Um, so if *you've* felt so deprived, why did you give your daughter a name that doesn't even have a holiday? lol

  2. Just you wait there's bound to be a good yiddish saying that will catch on world wide. They will Americanize the spelling and it will be "have a Shanna day" all OVER the place!!!!