Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Battle Plan

I had a stroke of genius last year.
Some families work Thanksgiving where each person brings a 
dish to the host house and the host cooks the bird.
But what fun is that?
I'd way rather cook *with* you!
So here, everybody gets a job!

Gaye is in charge of getting enough sage in the dressing.
Breese is in charge of peeling 10 pounds of potatoes.
Once many years ago she commented that she didn't feel we had enough potatoes.
She is still paying for what she *thought* was a random comment.
 Mike, Dave and the dog and Big Mary 
stay out of the way and look pretty.
Shanna is mashing the potatoes. 
Gaye is grunt gravy stirrer. 
Grandma advises. 
Daniel, Michael and Michelle are in charge of 
water glasses and candles.
 I get to take the beauty shot :o)

We are a matriarchal family. 
But in a good way.

I figured out a couple of years ago that I really like putting 
Thanksgiving dinner together but I also really
enjoy a couple glasses of wine once all the food is doing it's thing. 
I also figured out after a day of much more cooking than eating, 
just one glass of wine makes me kinda forgetful.

This is where my stroke of genius comes in.
So, in addition to helping with the prep, each person is given a 
food item to be responsible for. 
It is their job to make sure their assigned dish makes it to the table.
Along with the rest of the food.
Preferably before Friday. 

Here's where Grandma's stroke of genius comes in.
Next year everybody gets a clean up assignment. 
Seems the division of labor on that front has been a bit off
in recent years. 
Go Grandma!!!!

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