Thursday, November 11, 2010

But Kristie's Kitchen Isn't!

....closed, that is. 
And someday I will post my musings about aprons.

Kristie hosted our friend, Julie's, 50th birthday party last night.
It was just a chick thing. 
The ten of us who head up to Wisconsin once a year
to spend a long weekend together. I have many things to say
about this amazingly random (but not) group of women but
I think I really want to talk about last night. 

Kristie was kind enough to ask for my input for last night's menu.
I threw out some suggestions and she decided on a fabulous
Chicken in Mushroom and Wine Sauce dish (one of her specialties), 
wild rice, and the Tomato Goat Cheese Tarts I made a
 couple of weeks ago. I offered to bring the tarts
but seeing as how I was short one kitchen at the moment, asked if I 
could just come there to cook. Kristie liked that idea so much that
she invited Val and Carol to join us.
 It was the party before the party!

I chopped all the onions and discovered that we each
have our own intuitive way of prepping ingredients, and they 
aren't all the same. Kristie was very gracious about what 
I have to believe she saw as "oddly cut" onions, but I don't
 believe they harmed the finish product (?) 
Val helped with the mushrooms. 
Carol stirred stuff. 
Nice plate, huh?

Val made a chocolate cheese cake and a  rolled pumpkin cake. 
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of that! 
What was way cool, though, was watching her unroll the cake,
 lay the filling on it and then roll it back up.
It sounds so intimidating but not so much any more having
witnessed it firsthand. And now I know Val can make one of those
puppies for me anytime I want :o)

It was so much fun to be able to be part of the preparations
and enjoy the time together. 
It made me think about the chopping party before Michael's
wedding and the salad making day before Court's.

We may gather around the table but I think it's the food that
gathers US together. 
And, I love girlfriends. 
That is all. 

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