Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Power of Pie

This is quite possibly the most expensive piece of pie you are likely to ever see.
My husband and son like apple pie.
They LOVE Ann Erickson's apple pie.

My aunt likes to support her church's bake sales.
She LOVES Mike and Michael. 

Can you see where this is going?
 Ever since she figured out how much my guys love
 this pie she has made it her mission to be 
certain nobody else in that church gets their grubby mitts
on her guys' pie. She calls Ann as soon as she knows there
is a bake sale in the offing and she puts her money down.
I don't have an exact dollar amount but it has been intimated that
it is considerable. Ann then calls us and arranges the drop. She 
is always very certain to remind Mike to thank his Aunt for it. 
I think we forgot once or twice. oops. 

Big Mary was lamenting one day that she just doesn't get
to see Michael and Michelle very much since they got married.
I suggested she hold the apple pies "ransom". 
You know, have Ann deliver them to her and then she 
could call the guys and tell them to come and get some. 
I felt it was genius. 
She's too sweet for that. 
So, here's the pie. 
Sitting at my house. 

I'm not so sweet.
I believe Michael will be stopping by tomorrow. 

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