Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Kitchen is Closed

But we can still make coffee!
Notice the lovely shade of country blue where the stove sits.
The kitchen was the very first thing I painted when we 
moved into this house. Like the first week!
You can tell how desperate I was for that blue to be gone, 
I didn't even wait for Mike to get home from work to move the stove.
"I'll just paint around it!"

I think I'll leave the blue there. It feels like an archeological dig when
you redecorate and find traces of what went before.
Our last house had two layers of wall paper on almost every wall. 
You could absolutely date the era of each previous remodel.
The living room had one of those forest murals. That was fun!
At my mom's town house someone had let the kids
"sign" the walls before they papered. Cute.

When I take old furniture pieces and paint them I will quite
often leave the underside alone. You can see bits and flecks
of previous colors and finishes. I think it adds to the piece's
character, it's personality.

Hmm, now my mind wanders to my face. 
I suppose all these lines that are showing up on it are just part
of my character, gives me personality.
Hmmmm, not buying it yet.
Pass the Botox!

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