Monday, November 8, 2010

Chocolate Waffles and a Doll

Oh, yes, you can!
My family has been making chocolate waffles since I can't
remember when.
Mike and I started adding a layer of frosting about a 
year ago and have found Nirvana. 
It's simply a box cake mix that you make according to the directions.
You just cook it in a waffle iron! 

My Great-Aunt Olive used to make waffles for my sister and I guess
she used a round waffle iron. Gaye decided the only good waffle
is a round waffle and our whole family has subscribed to that 
theory ever since. Hmm, I don't remember
 Aunt Olive ever making waffles for me.

 I do remember going with her to the Doll Hospital to have
 her childhood doll repaired. Her sister had an identical doll 
and when Aunt Grace died, Aunt Olive had her doll buried with her. 
Some doll museum had approached Aunt Olive to have her doll
displayed there. Aunt Olive wouldn't hear of it. To put her
beloved doll behind glass. Nobody talking to her. 
Don't ask me why it was OK to bury Aunt Grace's doll. 
That's another whole psych study.
For some reason we did not do the same with Aunt Olive's doll.
So, here she sits. 
Gaye got waffles, I got a doll.
I try to say Hi to her once in a while. 
I think if you didn't know Aunt Olive and her love
for this doll, she might have that kind of creepy Chuckie look.
I know she had a name, but I don't remember it.
Her little dress is absolutely disintegrating. 
Aunt Olive was a special lady.
I don't think I can give her doll away. 

Shanna is four generations removed.
I think I'll let her figure it out.
If you know what I mean ;o)


  1. How is it that I keep learning things about our family by reading your blog?

  2. Who Are you? Cause you're just "anonymous here :o)

  3. Princess! Her name is Princess.
    Thanks, Mom