Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Beauty of Facebook

 I have been blessed with wonderful girlfriends over the 
course of my life.
I have had death defying adventures with many of them.
Some more so than others....

Teresa and I met while working in the kitchen of
 St. Anthony's Hospital in Rockford some time in the seventies.
We defied death by getting in a little prop plane 
with a few guys we had met on a ski trip to Colorado. 
Mom still talks about that phone call......
Teresa lives in Wisconsin. 
We would do the whole Christmas card thing
to stay in touch and then life happened. 
And then Facebook happened.
And then she called last Friday, she was in town for the weekend.
Hmmm, I think we look better!
But who doesn't, I don't think the seventies were
kind to anyone.

Indra and I met in the eighties.
We were both stay at home moms and just had enough in common
with enough different that we had a blast. 
We had a falling out.
We were young and dumb.
I learned a lot about how to be a good friend from that.  
Indra moved to Tennessee. 
A bunch of years happened.
And then Facebook happened.
We met half way in St. Louis and realized what a precious 
gift we had in each other. 
Sometimes friendships are made stronger by being
 put through the fire. 

Marci and I met in Junior High. 
Back when it was called Junior High.
I always told my kids that they were paying for my misspent youth.
I knew what they could be doing wrong because I already did it.
With Marci.
I moved to Rockford my Junior year of High School.
Marci and I would get in touch at random times.
We went to each other's weddings.
Our daughters were born just months apart.
But life happened. 
It was probably 19 years and then
Facebook happened.
This picture was taken at Marci's first born's baby shower. 
We used to borrow each other's clothes back in the day.
Nice to know we still have similar tastes.

There are roughly 30 years of friendships here.
Time and distance were not going to make reconnections easy.
Some people disparage Facebook and "social networking".
Not me. 

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