Friday, November 12, 2010

Having a Crisis

I *had* a purple powder room.
I'm not *going to* anymore. 
(have a purple powder room)
But I think that back wall is going to be a giant chalk board.
I'll put a ledge with chalk at seat height.
If you know what I mean..
Sometimes people get bored and there aren't any
recent People Magazines, um, handy.
The walls behind the washer and dryer were never painted 
so a little purple there will help.
This is inside the entry closet.
It's actually been that color for a couple of years.
I just wanted to share.

I think I am sad to loose my purple powder room.
It's time.
Time marches on.
Time waits for no man. 
or Merry.
Chalk board will be fun, right?

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