Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Think I Get to Name This One

I'm in Heaven.
I'm back in my kitchen.
I asked Aggie for an idea for something to "create". 
She had suggested a drumstick idea she whipped up for her kids.
This is what I did with that inspiration.

(insert photo here)

Ummm, It's coming up 
"Server Rejected"

What the HECK does THAT mean?????
Ok, was really happy to be cooking again, not so happy
to be Blogging again!
It won't let me upload images. I hope my IT guy's
wife reads this and he decides to help me :o) (son).

So, I guess I will suspend this post and in so doing leave you 

I will look into my technical difficulties and return to you.
Carry on amongst yourselves.....

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