Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tradition, Old and New


It's been so long since I did this that I was barely able to get here!
I re-read my last post, it was about traditions.
Lory and I skipped this tradition this year 
and it seems I skipped my grounding 
of what the season was all about.
Sadly, there was very little Christ in my 
Christmas this year.
Drama ensued and after a 
bit of time, 
and reflection, 
and God being God, 
He helped me see the lessons He had in store for me through my human failings.
God is pretty cool that way.
So, here we are at Lent.
Lent is not "biblical" but it is tradition.
And, whereas, the birth of The Christ Child is the start of the gift that God has for us, Easter is the completion of that gift.
Christ was a wonderful gift to us in and of himself, but the gift He ultimately gave us, on the cross, while messier than that sweet baby, was the sweetest gift of all.

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