Friday, March 3, 2017

Forgive Me

I thought about coming up with a theme, 
or direction for my posts to take during Lent. 
Sometimes it's easier to have a map of sorts. 
But for some reason, I have decided (?) 
to just wander and see where God leads me. 
I say decided (?) 
because I think God already knows 
where He means to lead me.
Today I'm thinking about my imperfections, 
and really that's a nice way of saying my failures. 
I know that if I go to God and ask forgiveness, 
he will give it lavishly, lovingly.
I think that I accept that gift, but do I really when
I can't seem to forgive myself?
And is it any wonder that people may not want to forgive me?
I think it's a human thing.
I think we are not natural, born "forgivers".
We can only learn it at the feet 
of the one who forgave us all.
Luke 23:34

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