Thursday, March 9, 2017

Peter, Do You Love Me?

Poor Peter.
To have your lowest moments in your life recorded for all history
in the best selling book in all of history.

But then again,  to have God's grace and love for you
recorded for all history....

I like Peter. 
By many accounts he was 
and prone to stick his foot in his mouth.

I like that God chose to use people I could relate to
to teach me.
Peter was far from perfect but God used him 

God sees our weaknesses and waits to meet us 
there and restore us.

Peter denied Jesus three times, 
the risen Christ asked Peter
 three times if he loved him. 
That was no coincidence.

Here we go, I'm going to put me in the story.

Merry, do you love me?
Merry, do you love me?
Merry, do you love me?

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