Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Putting Myself In The Story

Yesterday I thought about Mary.
Today I am thinking about some low-lifes.
Criminal #1
Criminal #2

What ever happened to 
Did he continue in his evil ways?
Was he struck by what happened?
Did he turn his life around and come to Christ?
He seems to have faded into obscurity so my
guess is he accomplished nothing great for God or devil.

Criminal #1.
(Being one of the 2 criminals 
meeting the same sentence as Jesus.)
He taunted Jesus to his dying breath.
Luke 23:39
Pretty sure he had a one way ticket to hell.

Criminal #2. 
He started out going along with the crowd.
He got a couple of barbs in as well.
Mttw 27:44
But this guy has a change of heart.
Luke 23:40
And whereas he held the same one way ticket as
criminal #1, he was able to see Jesus for 
who he truly was. 
Broken, bloodied, and near death,
he could still see Christ.

Broken, bloodied and near death, 
Christ still reached out to this sinner and assured him
he would see him in heaven. 

My breaks and my blood may not be visible
but I am one sinner near death who knows, 
I will see Jesus in paradise. 

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