Tuesday, March 7, 2017

That Sleeping Child You're Holding....

Christmas in March?
Yep, little bit.
I love Christmas music. 
I have been known to start listening to my Christmas CDs as early as the beginning  of November and carry on until New Years.
One of my favorites is
Mary Did You Know
I want to spend some time with Mary.
Mary, did you know?
Did you have any idea?
I'm sure the visit from the angel explaining 
Jesus' arrival helped, 
but did you think you were raising a 
when actually you were raising the 
perfect lamb?

 Now, by posting this picture of my baby holding her baby 
I am in no way implying either of 
them have been sent here to save the world, 
but if I want to get close to Mary, 
I just need to draw close to the ones 
I would give my life for and just ponder, 
Mary did you know?

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