Monday, March 6, 2017

What Would You Change?

Dear Younger Me.
That's the title of a song by Mercy Me.
I really like it.
If I had the chance to tell the younger me the 
things that I know now, 
would I?

I've had some hard times in my life.
Most of them because of my own bad choices.

But I've had some amazing things result from those 
bad choices.
That makes me think of another song,
Blessings by Laura Story.
Sometimes blessings come through tears.

I don't think my bad choices are God's will, 
but I do think it is His will that I turn
to Him, seek Him.

God doesn't take you out of the storm, 
He walks through them with you.

The bible tells me that Jesus asked His Father
to take the cup from Him, 
please don't make me go to the cross.
(Luke 22:42)

Jesus felt abandoned by God, 
My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?
(Mttw 27:46)

Today I want to remember that Jesus, the best teacher
given to us, knows how hard it is to walk through
the hard times, and perfect as He was, 
He knows  what it is
to fear God's will and even 
search for Him.

PS, if I've done this correctly (LOL)
here are links to the two songs I mentioned.

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