Sunday, March 27, 2011

That is New Information

Quick, name that Friends episode!
But I digress, already.
I was scouring the herb section at my local Meijer when
a friendly produce worker asked if he could help.
I told him I couldn't find the basil.
He offered to show me where it was.
Where it was was not in the refrigerated section 
along with the rest of the herbs.
He informed me that basil should not be kept in the refrigerator!

I came home and googled "how to store fresh basil"
and the fist link was purple, telling me I'd been there before.
It says you should refrigerate the basil.
But honestly, my basil doesn't last long at all.
So I give produce guy one more shot
and come up with this:

Here's the CliffsNotes on what it says:
In water, on the counter. 
We shall see, but my money's on produce guy.


  1. 2nd try (in case your logs look confusing :)

    Don't know about out there (Chicago area), but out here we can buy large bunches of basil packaged to be put in a vase (cone shape with a snip off bottom tip).


  2. That's a lot of basil! We can get larger plastic containers or small plants but not like a gig ol' bunch of flowers. You guys must make a lot of pesto out there :o) And, btw, I have to hit "post comment" about three times before it posts. Don't know what that's about.

  3. Yeah I use it for a recipe or two and then dry the rest for use with couscous, orzo, speghetti sauce, basil burgers etc etc etc.

    OK copied the post let's see what happens next. hehehehe strike 1. strike 2 strike 3 strike 4

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