Monday, March 28, 2011

Gnock, Gnock

You can call me Gnocchi or you can call me dumpling.
But ya don't have to call me pasta.
I crack myself up.
Anne Burrell made Gnocchi this weekend.
So I did too.
Turns out Gnocchi is a dumpling that can be pasta-like
or as in this case, little cheese clouds.
Think ravioli without the pasta.
Who knew?
It was a fun little process.
Finding the semolina was probably the hardest part.

You pipe the little balls as opposed to scooping or 
forming with your hands.
I think the reason is to keep from compacting the cheese. 
They really are just little fluffy things.
That being said, if you're going to serve these for dinner
and you're feeding a "manly" man, you may want
a side of MEAT. 
Mike's only comment was that he would really have liked 
to have had something to chew.

He cracks me up too.

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