Saturday, March 12, 2011


Cause they don't taste the same if you call them
cream puffs.
Who you callin' a cream puff!?

Have I mentioned all the fun I've been having with the
folks at Relish Magazine?
Tuesdays they have a thing called 
"Chef in your pocket"
on their Facebook page.
I got it in my head this past week that I wanted to 
replicate our favorite dessert at our favorite
little Italian restaurant, Villa Verone.
Don't start, I know not everybody has the same
soft spot in their hearts for this little spot as Mike and I
but, whatever!
Their profiteroles are amazing.
I digress, I asked Chef Brian for a recipe and he came through.
With flying colors!

The Pate a Choux was pretty straight forward. 
(there, Shanna, I spoke French, wala!)
Chef Brian warned the stirring of the dough as it cooks
 can be a bit of a workout, and he was right. 
But beyond that the skill level wasn't unreasonable.
I did cram a few more on each sheet than perhaps
Martha would have, but hey, I never professed to be Martha.

The filling is a rum/vanilla infused custard.
Yum! all over the place!
I would probably put a touch more rum in it next time.
It was just a bit mild for me. 
This was my first time "tempering" eggs.
News flash, it's just like on TV.
No big deal!

My sister makes an AMAZING rum soaked chocolate cake
that has a chocolate/rum genache on top that we figured
would be a good match and it was! 
The genache, not the whole cake, 
we're not THAT out of control. 
Ahhhhh, little puffs of heaven.
I had the presence of mind to invite the women of the family 
over to help me devour, no, taste test, my little

I do have a picture of my mother with chocolate
from ear to ear. 
I love my mother. 
I won't share. 
Suffice it to say, she liked them :o)

Comment if you want the recipes and I'll post them.

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  1. Way to go, Merry! These look so great. You did a fabulous job. Thanks also for the Chef in Your Pocket shout out! It's much appreciated. The next Chef in Your Pocket is coming up tomorrow. Hope to see you there. -Brian Morris @ Relish