Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remarkable Faith - Baptism

Mary at Giving Up On Perfect is doing a neat
series of blogs during Lent.
Each Wednesday she is going to write about a different aspect of her
Remarkable Faith.
She has invited other Bloggers to join her.
I'm gonna give it a shot.

This week it's on Baptism.
I was brought up in a faith tradition that practiced infant baptisms.
In recent years I have been attending a Baptist church and 
have had the awesome opportunity to witness 
"Believers Baptisms".
While the joy of an infant baptism, welcoming that new
little one into the community of faith and 
the acknowledgment from the congregation that
this child is now in their care cannot be diminished, 
the impact of watching a grown man confess 
all that Christ means to him
 or the innocence of a young child professing their love for Jesus 
absolutely overpowers me. 

Both of my children were baptized twice. 
Shanna both times as an infant,
Long story but as Big likes to say, 
"We got her good and baptized."
Michael was baptized as an infant 
and then a few years ago as a believer. 
I was present for his first baptism but not his second.
I wish I could have been there. 
I wish I could have heard his testimony. 
But that moment had nothing to do with me. 
It was between Michael and God.

What I do get to see is both my children living their 
testimonies every day. 
My heart rests in total peace.

Here's the link to 
Giving Up On Perfect.


  1. Merry, thank you for sharing your story and for linking up. I'm "good and baptized," too, so I can understand that phrase! :)

  2. I'm starting to think being "good and baptized" might not be as uncommon as I once thought, as I too was baptized twice, but by my own choosing. I hope and pray that I too one day will watch my children live out their testimonies for Christ with a peaceful heart as you are. Thanks for sharing your story! I found your post through the Remarkable Faith series at Giving up on Perfect. :)

  3. I am "good and baptized", as well - as Merry knows. She was there for the second one! The first time was what my parents did for me. The second was with my son. I remember that one. I cherish that one. I thank God for the opportunity to publicly declare my faith. I wouldn't rule out a third time if others in my family wanted a dunking buddy!

  4. Merry, I look forward to the day when I can watch my girls living out their testimonies! (I'm another good-and-baptized story!) Found you at Giving up on Perfect. Thanks for posting! :)

  5. Hey Amy and Brittany,
    I was so busy getting my children "grown" that I never stopped to realize that the best part was not seeing them mature and become contributing members of society (which they are) but seeing them grow their own hearts for The Lord. God is good, He gives what we don't even know to hope for. You two are ahead of me there :o)