Friday, March 4, 2011


Don't ask what got into me.
I have no idea. 
I'm not even sure what I want to do with it.
I just decided I needed to make my own granola.
So I did.

When trying something totally out of my box I turn to
America's Test Kitchen
This time, Alton won.

I checked out the comments, which is always a good idea.
I gleaned from them to add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon 
and 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
The comments also reminded me that most recipes are merely suggestions,
jumping off points if you will. 
So, instead of maple syrup I used Agave
 (my new favorite sweet thing)
and instead of cashews, pistachios (cause I had them).
PS, in the freezer, nuts will go bad on you in a heartbeat.
All the oil in them.
I also used a mix of just about every dried fruit
I had in the house. 
I cut back on the oil and brown sugar with no 
obvious negative results. 

This stuff needs to spend an hour and fifteen in the oven 
with you stirring it every fifteen minutes so 
a bottle of wine, 
some friends,
 and a loud timer 
are required. 
End of story, 

Now, just looking for great ideas of what to do with it. 

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