Thursday, March 17, 2011

Remarkable Faith - Wedding

Our Wedding
July 21, 1984
Our son's wedding
May 5, 2010

As much as our appearances have
"evolved" over the past 26 years,
so too has our love.
We have had our share of missteps (a two year separation)
but God has been faithful and He knew he started a good work in us
even when we didn't recognize it.

That's remarkable.


  1. That is ABSOLUTELY remarkable! Thank you for sharing and thank you for linking up!

  2. Your short, sweet post left me wanting more - congratulations on connecting and re-connecting. Blessings!

  3. Diana, thank you for the kind words. "Short" does not come easily for me, I am usually a woman of many words LOL! I have to practice restraint. I will tell you, however, that my husband and I are very open about our time apart. It was when God did the most work on our relationship and really taught us what love looks like. It's our prayer that by sharing we can give hope to other couples facing truly rocky times.
    Peace and blessings to you my friend!