Thursday, December 10, 2015

There they went, the Carolers...

I was going to say I have fond memories of caroling as a child - but I'm not sure that is accurate.  I definitely have memories of caroling - the leaders of the church youth group scheduled the event, complete with hot chocolate and cookies afterward - and my father was the pastor of the church.  So there you have it; I went caroling.  And with enough friends whose parents also thought it good for them, it really was an enjoyable time - a bunch of giggly, goofy, pre-teen to teen-aged girls and guys inflicting their vocal abilities on the public, one porch at a time.

When was the last time you had carolers show up on your doorstep?  It's kind of a vanishing tradition.  About 4 or 5 years ago I was at my bestie's house when a group of carolers greeted the opening door with song.  It spoke to me of Christmas, yes, but it whispered at least as much of childhood and innocence and simpler times.  Not that anyone would particularly want to hear my voice, but just sitting here now in robe and slippers, it makes me want to take Christmas to my neighbors (or torture them with it, depending on their degree of musicality).  What a rude alarm clock that would be!

It's not hard to find Christ in caroling - besides a round or two of Jingle Bells, the songs are mostly about Him.  Cold toes and noses attached to hearts intent on fun and spreading some Christmas cheer.  There is something of the very essence of Christmas in that act - a breaking into another's space for no other purpose than to spread joy - kind of like what the angels did for the shepherds.

Sigh, where is a flash mob when you need it?

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