Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Little Red, White And Jesus

Done and done!

But just to expound a bit,
turned on it's end, it becomes a shepherd's hook. 
Shepherds in the field, 
and the Good Shepherd.

The white can represent Christ's purity
and the red, His blood.
That's where I want to sit a moment.

I really appreciate a moment when I can stop
and remember, truly appreciate,
that that little Christ babe
came to do big work.

There was a moment like that at church last week.
We sang a new-to-me song.

Wish that I was there
 on that silent night
when your tiny heart
started beating for mine.*

The red of Jesus' blood.
Coursing through that tiny heart.
Beating for me.
The blood that would be shed to set me free.

Jesus is the reason for so much more than the season.

*Jesus Is Alive, by Josh Wilson

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