Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Angels we have heard on high
sweetly singing or' the plains.

So, Angels and the Christmas story
are a no-brainer, and after Rudolph, 
I'm happy for a no-brainer!

We know that angels first heralded
the birth of our Savior, 
but from everything I've read, 
sweetly singing was probably not the 
most accurate description of their announcement. 
Angels are God's warriors.
Most people were VERY afraid when 
they encountered an angel.
Mike is of the opinion they probably
didn't even have wings.
Talk about dispelling all my former
beliefs of sweet cherubic babies
with smiles and wings!

God is full of surprises.
He chose a TEENAGER as a mother.
His son was born in a stable.
He announced the great news to the lowest of society.
He has an army without guns or wings.
He knew what He was sending His son down into,
and that His son would die a terrible death
at the hands of those He longed to save,
and yet He did send that sweet baby to us.

And the biggest surprise?
He did this all to bring a poor wretched sinner
like me closer to Him.

Illustration by Mary Holder Naegeli

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