Sunday, December 6, 2015

Scratching my Noggin'

Made from milk, eggs and various types of liquor over the centuries, 
it was traditionally drunk from a wooden cup called a noggin.

There is much chatter on the internet about why it is around only at Christmas:
 - It's a warming drink for the winter 
(except Caribbean countries excel at their versions of the drink - 
and not to take the chill off in the winter months).
- Originally a drink for the masses, its ingredients became scarce and expensive, 
prompting it to became a special occasion drink - think Christmas.

Christ centered, it is not.
So how to make the connection...
Reach with me here as I make the attempt.

The child, too, had a humble beginning:
wooden manger - wooden cup.

Jesus warms my heart, thaws my indifference,
radiates warmth and refreshment.

Speaking of scarce and expensive, He is the one and only.
The most costly gift of the Father.

And here the connection breaks down completely:
He gave his life freely, not just for the holidays,
but also for other random dates February 3rd or August 20th
and every other one listed on the calendar -
any calendar, every calendar, even after
calendars cease to provide meaningful information.

Raise your cup of nog to the One worth celebrating!
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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  1. I like that, "He gave His life freely not just for the holidays..."