Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kosher or Dill?

My husband's family is from Germany. 
I mean, his mother and father both 
born and mostly raised.
So when my sister came across an ornament
in the shape of a pickle and was told it was an old
German tradition she naturally got one for 
my family's tree.
Only problem was, 
German person I know has
heard of this tradition. 

Me thinks it was good salesmanship
on some salesman's part with
an over abundance of weird
pickle ornaments. 
But Gaye wasn't the only sucker, 
they sell TONS of these things!

So, how to connect a pickle, 
and the myth of a pickle at that!
to Christmas?

The story is a lie.
There's a lie woven into the Christmas story.
Herod was a liar, not a very good one, 
but a liar nonetheless.
He told the wise men that he 
would also like to worship the
Christ child.
Thankfully God intervened and had 
them travel home a different way.
Sorry 'bout ya, Herod.

God wins!

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