Saturday, December 5, 2015

Elves, That's Right, ELVES

OK, so the premiss of this series
of blogs is to find the 
in Christmas symbols, etc.
 Not a lotta Christ there.

I'm thinking shepherds.
They were very low on the class totem pole.
They did hard work.
People would go out of their way to not notice them.

Elves are definitely Santa's flunkies.
They work hard.
They are short, easily overlooked.

There you have it!
See an elf, think of shepherds!

I love the way the shepherds play into the 
Christmas story.
I love that God chose the lowest of the low
to make His big announcement to
and then use those same overlooked people
to spread the good news, 
Our Savior is Born!

If God can use Shepherds, 
it gives me hope that He can use me as well. 
Christ is our Savior!

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