Friday, December 18, 2015

An Extra Gift Under the Tree

Starting with the day after the day of thankfulness (or even the same day thanks to retailers and online purveyors), the hunt is on for perfect Christmas gifts.  Personally, I'm always thankful when I have at least a generous portion done before Thanksgiving, but unfortunately that's mostly a pipe dream.  We knock ourselves looking out for the perfect gift - at the right price.  Something big and showy or something small and precious or something silly but thoughtful.

And once the somethings are determined and purchased, there is still the presentation to be considered:  bows and wrapping and finding the AWOL scissors and tape.  I'm too cheap to buy bags and won't be bothered with bows.  No one ever comments on my wrapping job - they are too polite to point out the obvious.  I just hope they like what's inside, which is, after all, the more permanent part.  Every year I promise myself to cut back, and it seems every year the only thing I cut back on is cutting back.  Sigh.

All the planning and rushing and efforts to make things perfect remind me of Jesus - not the babe in the manger, but the adult speaking to His friend, Martha.  He gently chided her for her harried preparation for company, while her sister sat at Jesus' feet, enjoying Christ's company and teachings. Luke 10:41-42

Maybe I need to put an extra gift per person on my list - that is, as I wrap their gift I will pray for the intended receiver - for their peace and blessing.  I'm pretty sure it would be a gift I would give myself as well.

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