Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Michael was my little shadow.
I took him everywhere.
Any time I left a store the sales people
would shout, "goodbye, Michael."
Mostly because I spent most of my time calling to him.
Michael loved to talk to strangers.
I met a few good friends because of Michael.

He did a couple of trips with 
People to People.
Most noteworthy would be the Australia trip.
Most notorious would be the England/Ireland trip.
I can't help but smile when I think about 
the walk of shame upon picking him up early at O'Hare.
He's always been such a light in my heart.
And honestly, even when he has rarely gotten 
himself in trouble, it was never out of meanness.
Just a little overly exuberant.

It made perfect sense when upon graduating
 college he took a month and a Eurorail pass and explored .
All I asked him was, 
are you good with God?
He said yes and I sent him off with my blessings.

I only saw Michael laid low once.
He wanted to marry the love of his life,
Michelle, and their church elders were
putting stumbling blocks in their way.
Nothing made me more angry than to see my son
so disheartened. 
It didn't last long.
Michael persevered.

That picture up there was his kindergarten picture.
I was so angry with him that he didn't flash his 
heart melting smile.
So he struck the same pose the next year.

My heart melts.

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