Thursday, November 21, 2013


 I love my Dirk.
 We hang together.
We cause some trouble together.

Dirk and I have traveled a bit together.
We've been to 
The Grand Canyon.
(Mike's aunt, Marlese, used to say Dirk could
 make going to the Post Office an adventure)
(don't let him drive in France)
Disney World, 
Cape Cod.

I think that's most of it.
That's MY Dirk.

But the kids have an Uncle Dirk. 
He's an uncle who has had Big as an example
of how to love a niece or nephew.
Dirk hasn't had the luxury (?) of living close
to any of his, but he has managed to worm his way into
each of their hearts.
Dirk isn't a stranger to any of them.
Ask any one of the 8 
and I'm sure they can tell you some "Dirk" story.
I am equally sure each can tell you of a time of
support and encouragement they have had from Dirk.

I love my Dirk.

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