Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have a surprising number
of pictures of the three older girls.
 Even though Maggie has never lived in Illinois.
 And none of us has lived in Rhode Island.
But somehow over the years we have managed to connect.

And I gotta say a big 
to Facebook.

Thanks in large part to the ease Facebook 
makes keeping in touch I really feel 
that Maggie and I are an important
 part of each other's lives.

She is the mother of twins.
No small feat but from 
1200 miles away, she 
makes it look,
I won't say easy, but doable, 
even enjoyable!

Her mantra the whole first year was, 
"I'm new here."

Maggie is more than that, 
she's an artist, 
a lover of words, 
open minded, 
big hearted, 
and beautiful.

I love Maggie.
A lot.

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