Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 Anyone who sees Gaye and me together
would think we have always been this close.

They would be wrong.
Gaye and I went through a pretty rough patch.
A three year rough patch where we lived in the same
city but did not speak to one another.
For three years.

Gaye and I have so much fun together
that you might think I regret those three years.
Lost years together.
But I don't.
You know how sometimes your computer is just 
so messed up there's nothing to do but unplug it
and restart?

I think that's what Gaye and I needed.
We needed a restart.
We didn't do it on our own, we 
went to a counselor and 
really hit the "restart."
And it worked. 

I wouldn't give up those three years apart
for anything because if I did we wouldn't
have the relationship we have now.

Gaye taught me that patterns
formed throughout childhood
and adulthood can be changed.

A sister can be your harshest critic
but also your strongest ally.

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