Thursday, October 31, 2013

You Can Call Me Whatever You Want

Just don't call me 
Late For Dinner.

Big has a few names.
You may have noticed.
Miss Osborne.
Mrs. Osborne.
Aunt Mary
And, Big.

There are a few stories as to the origin of 
my name. 
In part I am named for Big.
Mom told me one time that part
of the reasoning behind the spelling
of my name was to differentiate between 
me and Big.
Um, that only helps if you're writing me a check.

Big never liked the sound of
Aunt Mary, 
said it made her think of an old lady
in a rocker, so to tell us apart
the family resorted to the creative solution of
Big Mary and Little Merry.

I outgrew my title, 
Big never did with me.

Big has a very dear friend who when she
had children could not stand to have them address 
Big with such informality
so they were required by their mother to call Big
Aunt Mary. 
So much for the old lady in the rocker! LOL

Big was a school teacher 
well, almost.
The kids who could keep things straight called her
Miss Osborne.
Those who couldn't called her
Mrs. Osborne.

When Shanna was learning to talk
Big Mary came out as 
And that is Big's favorite name of all. 
Happy 90th year Big!
I did it!
I filled a month with you!
...with a little help from my friends :)

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